SasoDei RPG

The sun had just reached it’s highest point at the sky and the heat was almost overwhelming. Still there was someone walking across the hot desert without caring about the heat and ruthless sunshine. Deidara was walking straight and determined even though he wasn’t sure where was he going. At some point the youngster looked up into the sky and sighed. Was he lost or something, Deidara thought and kept on walking. Soon a shadow of a lonely hill and forest behind it reached his sight. “Freaking finally, un”, he mumbled to himself and fixed his back bags position before adding some more speed to his movement.

It didn’t take for long til he reached the wide shadow of a big rock. He dropped his bags on the ground and stretched his tired muscles. He was thirsty and he noted that when he tried to clear his throat. Luckily there was a small foundain nearby the forest line. The place was perfect for resting so Deidara decided to stay there over the next night and let himself drift into his dreams when the darkness fell.

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